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Rose Wood Furniture

Rose Wood Furniture is an award winning team of professional designers and carpenters customizing in home furniture design. We have vast expertise in both small and large scale projects.


Rose Wood Furniture is a family run business that offers you a mixed portfolio of wooden furniture. The range here is ideal for styling your home in the most outstanding way possible by protecting you from the emotional discomfort usually associated with home furnishing.
It goes without saying that every one of us needs our homes to be prominent from the rest, as it is a place that represents our traits of personality. So, we made life easier by transferring all the trouble that comes with in-person-furniture-shopping to an online platform where top quality sheesham (Rosewood) furniture exclusively from chiniot is showcased.

Premium Sheesham (Rosewood) Material

All of our products are manufactured from hand selected premium, superior quality Sheesham (Rosewood) right here in Chiniot. We are currently collecting materials from trees now that we have cut or brought to us from nearby tree trimming companies. We have a sawmill and our own drying kiln on hand.
Premium Sheesham wood has enchanting grain structure and durable construction is assured by its strength. Since we use quality Sheesham (Rosewood), we don’t cover the wood’s natural beauty with a stain or coloring. We use finishes applied by hand that magnify the wood’s inherent beauty. For all wear surfaces, such as tops of dining tables, we use a durable catalyzed finish which will last for years.

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